Roelli Roelli - Geschichte

A trendsetter for the retail trade with a sweet tradition

They grew up with chewing gum and sweets; confectionery is in their blood. Brothers Andreas and Kristofer Roelli took over the family firm – the Swiss sales division of Läkerol – in 1988 as the third generation of the family. During a 70 year market presence the Swiss firm has seen consumption of over 10 billion pastilles – a sweet love story. In 1997 the Roelli brothers made the bold move of bringing new products and services to the market. They had noticed a trend: the European retail trade was demanding ever more in-house and exclusive brands. So began a new chapter in the confectionery industry with roelli roelli confectionery: tailor-made chewing gums and pastilles in Swiss quality at competitive prices. This was unique. These days, roelli roelli sees itself as an innovative “general enterprise” for individual product development – with longstanding expertise in the business with brand-name products. It is with these that roelli roelli continues to shape and inspire the food and retail industries in Europe afresh. roelli roelli is currently active in over 25 countries.